Night Terminator·Handheld Thermal Imager
Variety of imaging screen switching
compact and convenient  
can take pictures
New Product·Handheld Thermal Imager

Anti UAV / Drone System

More Details
More Details
More Details
Full band drone interference
Anti Drone System
Company Introduction

Shenzhen Tsinghua Video Electronic Technology Co., Ltd  is a High-tech Company with R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing integrated, our products including Long Range Photoelectric Automatic Tracking PTZ,  Intelligent Fireworks Analysis Laser Night Vision Cameras, laser Rangefinders, Full-screen Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging Systems, Aircraft and UAV Gyro-stabilized Pod Camera, Boat & Warship Photoelectric Automatic Tracking All-in-one Cameras etc.

We committed to providing customers with reliable, efficient, high-quality products and good pre-sale, sale and after-sale services, and has achieved excellent performance of marketing, won the praise of all sectors of society. We have professional staff team with good academic skills, excellent diathesis, best cooperation and innovative spirit, to provide a reliable guarantee for our technical capabilities and service standards.

As the China Smart City Construction Recommended Brand  and Safe City Construction Recommended Brand, we have made important contributions in the security field of solving smart city road safety, emergency handling, border control, intelligent tracking displacement detection , maritime patrol forensics, natural disasters and forest fire warning, public security, weather monitoring, power equipment monitoring, anti-theft and riot control, etc.

To meet the growing global market trends, we continued to promote foreign markets to undertake the OEM and ODM orders, provide highly competitive products and improve the quality of services continuously!

Positive contribution to world peace, let's develop unlimitedly by the limited resources!

 Wish you everything goes well in 2016!